What is 4PL?

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FREJA’s 4PL service offers to map and analyze networking opportunities from a neutral perspective.

Our 4PL perspective means that we access the transport and logistics market based on a requirement specification from a 1PL company. Thus, the optimal customer solution is found among one or more 2PL and 3PL setups.

The 4PL service seeks to optimize supply chain functions through a wide-ranging network of 2PL and 3PL subcontractors – we are looking for the optimal fit between demand that characterizes your activity as 1PL combined with the services offered by many different 2PL and 3PL companies.

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4PL Services

4PL Services range widely – from simple consolidation potentials to outsourcing operational transport tasks. View cases and request information on the steps further down the page.

Do you know what drives your supply chain? 

Maintaining an efficient supply chain can be a complex task. Here are some key subjects that you need to keep in mind when designing your supply chain.


Supply chain performance is affected by the design and location of facilities. Having facilities in close proximity enables flexibility as well as ease of communication. Network optimization studies can be performed to design a network of manufacturing sites, service areas, and distribution centers to deliver the lowest cost with optimal inventory and capacity levels.


Inventory can improve supply chain flexibility by acting as a buffer to decouple supply from demand when appropriate.


Transportation decisions can make major differences in both benefits and costs. Air freight is fast, but it is also expensive. Ocean freight can be economical but adds weeks to the cumulative lead time. Speed and flexibility are factors to consider in a total cost analysis, given the global competition in markets.


Another major influence on supply chain effectiveness is the ease at which information is shared up and down the chain. Collaborative planning efforts are where suppliers and customers make joint decisions regarding costs and service risks. Information elements can include demand, new product plans, product design changes, and consolidation of freight into milk runs.


Sourcing decisions are important within the supply chain and rely on the maintenance of standards and policies. Changes to products several levels down the chain can manifest as problems at the end-user level. Changes to critical products and components need to be communicated and even approved by other parties further down the chain.


Pricing is perhaps the most important strategic decision. Whether the price is set high, low, or in the middle, it sends a strong message to all members of the supply chain, including competitors, customers, suppliers, and potential new entrants. Price must be set in connection with the firm’s overarching strategy of being a differentiator, a cost and price leader, or a niche player.


Our team of analysts map and identify capabilities and efficiencies of our customers, which defines the ability of any company to serve the market. We divide KPIs into a tree structure (below) and use industrial engineering tools to optimize your future competitiveness.

Customer references

“With our trusted collaboration partners at FREJA we have had projects on a larger and more strategic scale than what the usual perception of a transportation supplier warrants. Thus FREJA have through a concentrated contribution on both the tactical and strategic level been underlining that they have intentions and capabilities to be benefitting our company through their knowledge which is showcasing a holistic understanding of the logistical value chain and the business drivers in our particular industry.
Added to the above FREJA agreed to participate in our internal management team strategy sessions where they gave us insight on both global and local market megatrends and also about “best practice” with insights into the possible market moves and the potential effects of those. Thereby FREJA added value to our continued work also in that respect.”

Frøslev Træ A/S

Martin L. Petersen, Adm. Direktør

“In 2019, Pierre Fabre initiated a corporate project to optimize flow of goods and cost of goods sold. FREJA was already a trusted partner as our 3PL supplier, providing transportation and logistics services. Thus, we scoped a project in collaboration with their 4PL Services team. We managed to co-create a number of alternatives to the current situation, and FREJA provided optimized ways of coupling transportation and logistics with production facilities at our Nordic hub. The new production setup has been designed to ease flow and reduce cost – enabling cost reductions up till 9% and capacity increase up till 200%. The new setup for the Nordic countries as been evaluated by our corporate French colleagues, and together with FREJA we have found a solution that makes our setup more efficient and agile, but also makes the FREJA collaboration stronger for future development.”

Pierre Fabre

Elisabeth Halvorsen, Nordic General Manager

“In 2017 Faerch Plast ran a substantial tender for its UK Logistics and Warehousing operations. The scope covered a spend of several million pounds. The tender was run by Faerch Plast UK but we acknowledged that there is a huge amount of data to be analysed in any such tender and that a second opinion is always of value. We engaged Kenneth at FREJA to provide that analysis and to act as a ‘sounding board’. The project resulted in the selection of new providers for all services and a cost reduction of close to 10%. We were pleased with FREJA’s professional approach, the quality of the analysis produced and that Kenneth was always happy to take a call and provide an opinion. The chances of success were significantly increased by the insight and level of detail FREJA were able to provide.”

Faerch Plast UK Ltd.

Stuart Read, Procurement Category Manager

“I would like to express our thanks and great satisfaction to the analysis work you have done for Chr. Hansen. It is greatly appreciated and shows why it is important to understand the details. It is, in my opinion, an important element and a “differentiator” when it comes to a strategic and integrated cooperation, that a partner has this capability. Furthermore, I would like to mention that the analysis and sparring have been objective and given insights into the options we have.”

Chr. Hansen A/S

Søren Winther, VP Global Logistics

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Supply chain management is about guiding people in the strategically optimal direction, empowering people to make smart choices and ensuring a holistic fit between activities in your value chain.

How do you ensure a proper fit between suppliers, your company and customers? FREJA helps you match stakeholder expectations for SCM related functions in IT, Production, Inbound/Outbound Logistics, Procurement, Sales, Marketing and Governance. We are convinced that together we can help strengthen and improve the competitiveness of your company.

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