Peterson Packaging A/S makes FREJA their European logistics partner


The company rapidly needed a European logistics partner to take over all national distribution and several international traffics when their cooperation with the previous partner ceased.


FREJA established a Peterson Packaging Team and within a week all relevant challenges were described and deadlines were set. FREJA’s investments as our new European logistics partner in staff competencies, IT systems and solutions have paid off, giving us one of the best distribution systems in the market and enabling us to meet any challenge quickly and efficiently.


”From the very first meeting with FREJA I had a good stomach feeling. It has proven to hold true, as FREJA in very close cooperation with Peterson Packaging and FREJA’s partners have been able to maintain close to 100% performance from the very first month. All the agreements we made with FREJA in the first phase of our cooperation has been kept and carried out. In the current phase, phase 2, a new joint IT platform will be implemented to improve our daily cooperation and give Peterson Packaging all relevant key figures, to help us act on the right basis of factual figures. We have experienced a FREJA team who have been available 24/7 and where all agreements have been kept. We look forward to long term cooperation with FREJA.”

Karsten Petersen, Purchasing Manager at Peterson Packaging