Peltonen ski factory appreciates FREJA’s personal service

Peltonen Ski is the market leader in cross-country ski manufacturing in Finland. The market share of Peltonen is over a third. Most Finns ski in the classic style and as much as about 80 percent of ski sales are classic cross-country skis.

The ski factory is in Heinola, southern Finland. Every year, about 80,000–100,000 pairs of skis are manufactured at the factory, slightly depending on the snow situation of the ongoing winter.

At the factory there are more than twenty models in production. In addition to ski manufacturing, ski product development is also carried out in Heinola. The major hit product of recent years has been skin skis.

Peltonen ski is part of Rapala Group. Distribution of Peltonen skis is owned by Normark Suomi Oy, a subsidiary of Rapala Group.

Jarmo Pilli, Factory Manager, Peltonen Ski


Transport needs

Peltonen ski factory relies on FREJA in all its imports. Imported transports are part loads from Central Europe. Central Europe is the ski resort of the world, where the manufacturers of raw materials for skis are also centralized.

Transportation solution

FREJA brings part loads to the Heinola ski factory by road from all over Central Europe. Cooperation in import transportation has continued for several years.

“FREJA is, in my opinion, an exceptional player in the transport sector in terms of service. FREJA’s customer service is personal and people do not have to operate with a call center. Although all our imports are part loads, there have been no problems with them.”

Jarmo Pilli, Factory manager, Peltonen Ski



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