FREJA’s WMS system meets Orion Pharma’s strict requirements


Orion Pharma’s supply chain is no ordinary supply chain. It begins with the company itself as the pharmaceutical brand owner or at partners, continues on to the distributor or wholesaler and finally on to the pharmacy. Visibility, security, flexible information exchange, real-time data and anti-counterfeit measures are just some of the considerations that protect Orion Pharma’s brand, the overall efficiency of its supply chain and, most importantly, the safety of consumers. Tracking has to be maintained at batch level for inventory control and easy product authentication at the point of sale. Reporting is vital throughout the supply chain, and Orion Pharma’s chosen transport and pharmaceutical logistics suppliers must have IT systems and working practices that are advanced enough to meet the company’s special needs.

Both nationally and internationally, the pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated. A complex system of workflows and technologies ensures regulatory compliance, and places special requirements on the storage and transportation of the company’s products, e.g. special warehousing security to guard against theft, and careful planning and monitoring to keep medicinal products at the appropriate storage temperature.


In the spring of 2011, FREJA Norway and Orion Pharma signed a pharmaceutical logistics service agreement to agree warehousing and distribution of Orion Pharma’s products from FREJA’s logistics centre in Oslo to wholesalers in Norway. Since then, mutual cooperation has worked to both parties’ satisfaction.

FREJA receives products from Orion Pharma’s factories or partners, stores the products in FREJA’s state of the art pharmaceutical logistics centre in Oslo from where they are distributed to Norwegian pharma wholesalers – all subject to strict quality control and comprehensive reporting. FREJA’s validated Warehouse Management System is the high-tech backbone that ensures we can live up to Orion Pharma’s strict requirements.


FREJA has achieved excellent quality as well as a technical solution that ensures full traceability in the supply chain.

FREJA continuously monitors performance using a set of Key Performance Indicators, KPI. Temperature controlled transport is managed by a validated cold chain.

FREJA customer service stays in daily contact with Orion Pharma to solve any unexpected issues.

FREJA is inspected on a regular base by Norwegian Medicines Agency, NOMA and its international customers.