FREJA helps Dansu with air freight of protective equipment from China


As the corona crisis hit most of the world at the beginning of 2020, a great demand for goods such as hand sanitizers and masks started, as this could help minimize the spread of the virus.

The Danish family-owned company, Dansu A/S, was one of the companies that felt the increase in demand. The company is best known for importing raw cotton and raw materials, which they process at their facility in Ganløse, Denmark. The cotton is then used to produce swabs and cotton wool, which they deliver to shops, pharmacies, and hospitals. Dansu produces the cotton swabs that are used in COVID-19 tests. In addition to these products, they also sell CE-approved masks and medical gowns in which they have experienced an increasing demand due to COVID-19.

Dansu’s key PPE suppliers are located in China, and therefore it was necessary to have a logistics partner who could transport the goods home to Denmark.


For several years, Dansu has collaborated with FREJA on road transport, and it was only natural also to choose FREJA on air freight. FREJA was able to accommodate their need and the increasing demand and transport the goods by air freight from China to Denmark as wished.

In August 2020, FREJA delivered around 1000 packages = 50 pallets of masks with air freight from China to Denmark, which corresponds to approximately 2,2 million masks, but many more masks have been shipped since then. Désirée E. Danechi, Assistant Manager at Dansu, says: “We are so grateful for FREJA’s efforts with transporting the masks to Denmark. Everything has been smooth, and you are helping to protect so many people because of your work. Thank you so much!”


After we solved this urgent task for Dansu, they decided to use us on all air freight and even on some sea freight tasks. They have been so pleased with our service and our solution-oriented approach that we have been chosen to deliver transportation solutions for one of Dansu’s sister companies in Switzerland. Our relationship with Dansu has indeed been strengthened, and we are happy to have established such a good collaboration.