FREJA brings more transparency to Roche’s logistics process


Roche was in need of a more streamlined logistics solution with global customs compliance adherence. In reference to FREJA’s acquisition of Nordisk Express in 2009, Roche Norway decided to continue its logistics cooperation with FREJA. The perception was, and still is, that FREJA is able to bring more professionalism and relevant competencies to the partnership. The introduction of a new warehouse in 2010 further underlined the impression.


FREJA proactively proposed to take over customs handling as an integrated service in the 3PL (third-party logistics) solution, and thereby simplified the process for Roche, providing a better solution at the same cost. FREJA has a set of competencies that supplement those of Roche, and continuously offers suggestions for improvement in the entire supply chain.

“Working with FREJA is more of a partnership, than a service provider relation. Compared to other players, FREJA offers an independent 3PL solution based on ABC costing, which gives more transparency on the supply chain costs” says Even Stubberud, Supply Chain and Pricing Manager, Roche Norway.


FREJA was able to bring more transparency and a higher level of quality to Roche’s logistics process. FREJA provides an extremely sharp focus on quality through the whole supply chain, from storage to customer. Roche perceives the partnership as working in a close cooperation with an experienced team labeled with top-level expertise.

FREJA has all the relevant competencies on a holistic level of logistics, from goods in to storage and transportation. What FREJA also has to offer, is a profound understanding of the global customs compliance involved in pharmaceutical logistics. The high level of quality that FREJA offers is of utmost importance to the supply chain for Roche.