Coronavirus outbreak in China


All of our colleagues are now back in the office, and production and operation activities are almost back to normal.



All of our colleagues are still working from home. If the situation continues to improve, our colleagues expect to be in the office from next week. Production and operation activities are slowly getting back to normal again.



Our colleagues in China are currently working from home according to government requirements. They will continue to work from home in week 7, and until the 17th of February, 2020. We will make sure to update you if there are any changes regarding this.

Many factories are closed and are expecting to be up and running again on the 17th of February. At the moment, the shipping capacity is low on all modes of transport.

We are following the situation closely, and we recommend you to keep in touch with your local contact person in China for updates about the situation.

Hongyi Niu

Global Project Director Denmark
+45 5234 5252
+45 9670 5252

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