The strike in the stevedoring sector has ended in Finland, but the effects of the strike continue

A settlement was reached in the stevedoring strike of the Federation of Transport Workers (AKT) on on the evening of 1 March. The agreement reached will end all industrial action immediately and work will resume as soon as possible. However, at the latest, the stevedores must return to their normal shift starting on 4 March.

The strike started on 15 February.

– Although transport can now be carried out and stevedoring will return to normal when the stevedores return to work, it will unfortunately take time for the situation to return to normal. Supply chains are now in disarray due to the strike. It will take time to reorganise and find the best possible routing, says Matti Urmas, Managing Director of FREJA Finland.

Goods are in the ports waiting to be shipped and it takes time to ship the cargo.

– If there are uncertainties about your shipment, your own dedicated contact person is happy to help and tell the status of your transport.

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