The strike in the paper industry affects road transport to and from Finland

The employers’ organization and workers’ union within the forest and paper industry have still not reached an agreement. The strike started January 27 at 06:00 and has been notified to continue until Monday February 17 – unless the negotiating parties will reach an agreement sooner.

The transport volume out of Finland has been reduced considerably because of the strike and therefore affects the transport balance between Denmark and Finland and vice versa.

In case the strike is still going on Thursday January 30, FREJA will be compelled to introduce a temporary positioning fee at 22 % of the total transport costs on all consignments from Denmark to Finland. We regret these circumstances which are out of FREJA’s control. SLIXY

Should the strike escalate or ease off before the announced date, FREJA will give more information.

For further information about the strike or how it will affect you as a customer in FREJA, we kindly ask you to get in contact with your daily contact person.

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