UPDATED: Strikes in Germany


On Monday 29 January and again today 30 January, we have experienced blockades around Hamburg, where farmers block tracks on motorways as well as entrances and exits. We expect that we will experience more spontaneous blockades at hubs during week 5. Delays may therefore occur both for distribution in Germany and for shipments transiting through Germany.



The ongoing strike continues, with German farmers and certain hauliers blocking roads, highway entrances, and borders.

Delays may occur and can potentially impact transit times into week 3.

We apologize for any inconvenience this strike may cause our customers.



Today there are strikes all over Germany as a result of dissatisfaction from farmers, drivers, locomotive drivers, etc. due to new legal interventions in Germany.

All transportation in Germany is affected by this. Therefore, we expect delays today and the rest of the week.

Please contact your ordinary contact person in FREJA for further information.

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