New trailers

FREJA Transport & Logistics A/S has invested in 65 new trailers to operate in the Nordic countries.

The new trailers are 8 walking floor trailers, 18 reefers, 17 standard taut liners, 4 swop bodies and 18 Krone/Liebner trailers with flexible sides and roof.

The trailers are delivered by Krone Fleet and produced by the Dutch company Knapen, which Krone acquired last year. In total, FREJA operates about 2,700 trailers. The 65 new trailers are both an expansion and a replacement of the existing fleet of trucks.

In FREJA we have chosen to give the new trailers a technological lift by equipping them with Krone’s information system called Telematic. The system collects data which can be integrated into our IT system and thereby improve the service towards our customers.

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