Made in Denmark – press release

Success tournament, Made in Denmark introduces FREJA Transport & Logistics as new presenting sponsor.

When the sixth edition of Made in Denmark begins on 23 May 2019 at Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort, it will mean the introduction of a new “last name”. Going forward, the tournament is called “Made in Denmark presented by FREJA”.

It is the Danish-based Transport & Logistics company, FREJA, who advance their support to the Made in Denmark organisation, to become an even bigger partner for the popular Danish event.

– We are very excided that FREJA, who is one of our many loyal sponsors, have decided to increase their support to our tournaments going forward. FREJA is both as a sponsor and as a name (FREJA is the the Goddess of beauty and love in Nordic Mythology) a perfect match for Made in Denmark. Well, even the colours match, says a happy Made in Denmark Sales Manager, Thomas Nielsen.

Made in Denmark has been part of the European Tour schedule since 2014, and has quickly established itself as on of the most popular, intriguing and well-visited events on the European Tour.

The Made in Denmark presented by FREJA prize fund increases from 1.5 million euro last year to 3.0 million euro in 2019 and the following four years. With a higher prize fund comes more prestige and exposure, and naturally that brings new sponsors to the table while also offering existing sponsors new and more attractive opportunities.

– Made in Denmark is an amazing brand, which we through the first five years have enjoyed being a part of. Now we take it to the next level and become the presenting sponsor. The professionalism of Made in Denmark fits perfectly with our core values and professional engagements, therefore it is ideal for us to use the event in our marketing and for hospitality, explains Jørgen Hansen, CEO FREJA Transport & Logistics.

FREJA will also be presenting sponsor for the Challenge Tour event in Denmark. Going forward the title will be “Made in Denmark Challenge presented by FREJA”.

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