Latest update from FREJAS new logistics center in Sweden/Jönköping

We are counting down to the grand opening of our brand new logistics center in Jönköping, Sweden, which is set to be ready on the 1st of May!

Right now it is time to install 216 solar cells on the roof. The entire building is environmentally certified and we have invested in a number of different measures in our commitment to a sustainable and responsible future. By utilizing solar energy, we reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and minimize our carbon footprint.

The solar cells on the roof have a capacity of 122 kwp, which means that we avoid carbon dioxide emissions of 53,377 kg/year. In addition, we have invested in a roofing board for the building with the sealing layer noxout, which breaks down NO particles and further contributes to our climate compensation and cleaner air.

We look forward to welcoming you to our logistics center and sharing our commitment to a better world.

For more information, contact us:
+46 76 308 89 60
+45 60 25 46 00


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