FREJA with new certification for storing organic goods

FREJA has since 2019 been validated and approved for storing organic goods for our customers in our logistics center at Berger, North of Oslo.

After Brexit became a fact on January 1st, 2021, UK was defined as a third country when it comes to importing organic goods, and due to this, new requirements were imposed on the first recipient of organic goods from the UK. To further strengthen our services to our customers, FREJA in Norway has once again requested validation as an approved first recipient, now also for goods coming from outside the EU.

Our professional staff follow specific processes for handling organic goods.
Our professional staff follows specific processes for handling organic goods.

“Storing organic goods requires specific processes for handling, and in particular, this applies to organic goods coming from third countries.” says Joar Bjørndal, Head of Logistics at FREJA in Norway.

We are proud to announce that our Norwegian branch is now certified as the first recipient of organic products, also from third countries, and we are pleased to offer this service to our existing and new customers.

We also offer this service in Denmark, where we have been approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration for several years.

Please contact us for more information.

Joar Bjørndal

Head of Logistics Norway
+47 476 57259
+47 63 86 84 64

Trond Fjeldheim

Operational Manager 3PL Warehouse Berger Norway
+47 911 16 007
+47 63 86 84 55

Geir Kluge Heiermo

Director Sales & Marketing Norway
+47 900 98200
+47 22 07 50 38

Tove Skjennum Johnsen

Area Sales Manager Pharma & Logistics Solutions
+47 902 97 440
+47 22 07 50 59

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