Sustainable actions for a better planet

FREJA’s main areas of operation are within transport and logistics, and with the increase in global trade, it is more important than ever to find more sustainable solutions to help reduce the industries’ CO2 emissions impact. We realize we are a small player in the global industries we operate in, but we are committed to going the extra mile to lower the negative impact on the climate and environment.

We acknowledge that it is not going to be easy, but we will do our best and continue to live up to our commitments to our people, the environment, and society. We value long-lasting and strong relations with customers, partners, suppliers and employees, and we support each other in finding and developing sustainable solutions that benefit the planet both now and in the future.

For many years, we have committed ourselves to elaborate our efforts in a sustainability report. In the reports, we describe ongoing projects, new initiatives, and present key figures, to create transparency in our business.

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

In FREJA, we have committed ourselves to secure sustainability, high business morals, and ethics as well as full integrity. We make sure that we respect existing legislation at any time. FREJA has worked out a “Code of Conduct for Suppliers”, which describes what FREJA considers to be correct business morals and ethics for all significant suppliers handling transports for FREJA.

Code of Conduct

Anonymous Whistleblower Program

We have implemented an internal whistleblower program, where employees and others can report violations of FREJA’s policies and guidelines through our website. An external provider manages the program to ensure anonymity for our employees.

Should you wish to use our whistleblower program, you can do so here:


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