Become a professional in transport and logistics

As a trainee you have responsibilities, challenging days and an interesting education or career in a dynamic, demanding and professional world. You have qualified colleagues and you become part of an international environment. You go through a well-organized training program and work in different departments within FREJA.

We expect that you:

  • Have relevant schooling and you have passed relevant exams
  • Are goal-oriented, full of initiative and you are good at doing business
  • Enjoy working in a demanding and efficient environment
  • Are able to make decisions
  • Are strong willed and committed
  • Are a team player

We offer the trainee program in Denmark and Sweden. Once a year all new trainees are invited for a two-day seminar at one of our locations. The purpose of the seminar is for all new trainees to get to know each other and to give them relevant information about FREJA and the business in general.

For open trainee vacancies, see the country-specific sites.

Nathalie Høiberg
Previous trainee in FREJA
Now Account Manager in FREJA

Nathalie Høiberg appreciated FREJA’s trainee program

Nathalie Høiberg finished FREJA’s trainee program August 2022 and has since then been employed in FREJA. After finishing the program, she continued her work in the Swedish traffic department in Denmark and in December 2022, she became Account Manager in our sales department. About the trainee program she says:

“To me, the best thing about the freight forwarder education is that you work with something truly relevant. Everything we use has been transported – the clothes we wear, our furniture at home, IT equipment, medicine, food, etc. In addition to this, the training is extremely educational. You are constantly being challenged, and it is possible to deal with the challenges in a personal way.

In this line of business, the pace is high, and every day you face new challenges. If you are up for it, it is possible to have more and more responsibility over time. FREJA has shown trust in us as trainees from the very beginning, and you work according to the principle of “freedom with responsibility”.

Something I valued very much in the freight forwarder education is the fact that you have many possibilities when you have completed your training. You acquire a lot of qualifications in areas such as planning, structuring, communication, economics, languages, etc. These are valuable qualifications that you may take with you further on in your professional and personal life.”


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