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As a trainee you have responsibilities, challenging days and an interesting education or career in a dynamic, demanding and professional world. You have qualified colleagues and you become part of an international environment. You go through a well-organized training program and work in different departments within FREJA.

We expect that:

  • You have relevant schooling and you have passed relevant exams
  • You are goal-oriented, full of initiative and you are good at doing business
  • You enjoy working in a demanding and efficient environment
  • You are able to make decisions
  • You are strong willed and committed
  • You are a good team player
  • Once a year all new trainees are invited for a two-day seminar at our premises in Copenhagen. The purpose of the seminar is for all new trainees to get to know each other and to give them relevant information about FREJA and the business in general.

For open trainee vacancies, see the country-specific sites.

We were lucky to train at FREJA

Antti Setälä

Traffic Coordinator

Trainee at FREJA Transport & Logistics Oy, Finland

At the beginning of 2013 FREJA’s email message regarding two trainee positions spread around our school. I sent in an open application and quite soon I got an invitation for an interview. A few weeks later I heard I was chosen as one of the two trainees. I had previous experience of the logistics business as a driver in several different companies, so I thought that a trainee position at an international freight forwarder would perfectly support my logistics engineering studies.

Since the very first day I was able to see how traffic managers and coordinators work. I learned how to use the IT systems in real situations and tasks. I was given more and more responsibilities in easily approachable entities. Nice colleagues at the close-knit community made it easy to ask questions, and willingly explained what their tasks were. It was easy to be part of the team from the start!

As my experience and knowledge increased, I was given more tasks and responsibilities. What was certain from the start was that no two days were alike. In a business that is constantly going through changes you must always be prepared to learn new things and respond to the ever-changing challenges of a diverse clientele. It is hard to imagine office work that could be more interesting or versatile than at FREJA!

Antti Setälä Traffic Coordinator FREJA Suomi



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