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Welcome to our online web platform, where you can create bookings, see live track and trace, and find other digital services.

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Web booking for logistics and warehousing

Access your logistics and warehouse activities with FREJA. Our platform enables you to place bookings, view reports, and receive statistics of your activities with us.

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MyFREJA is FREJA’s online business intelligence platform that enables you to gain valuable insights of your transport activities. MyFREJA’s intuitive user interface enhances flow of goods analysis, activity overview, supply chain dimensions, and offers quick accessible dashboards. MyFREJA delivers data and insights back to the rightful owner – you.

Contact your local FREJAN to get access. If you already have an account, you can access MyFREJA here.

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Not yet our customer?

Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible! To use our online web booking, you need to be an existing customer with a user ID and a password.

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Where is your cargo right now?

As our customer, you are just one click away from having full FREJA Track & Trace of your shipments. This gives you time to focus on other valuable tasks.

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Contact the FREJA WEB booking team

E-mail: webbooking@freja.com
Tel.: +45 96 70 50 00 att. WEB-responsible

E-mail: webbokning.se@freja.com
Tel: +46 (0)42 495 00 00 att. WEB-responsible

E-mail: webbooking.no@freja.com
Tel.: +47 22 07 50 00 att. WEB-responsible

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FREJA Track and Trace online

Get instant information about your shipment.
No need to await user ID or password. Just insert your tracking ID in below formula to view the events completed and see what’s ahead – fast, easy and convenient.

Remember that you can get detailed information and exact location about your shipments via the web booking platform. Access the platform in the top of the page or click here

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