Customized solutions resulted in over DKK 1,5 million annual savings for DanSteel

The Denmark-based NLMK DanSteel A/S produces steel plates up to 4 metres in width, 29 metres in length and 5-200 millimetres in thickness, typically for shipbuilding, onshore and offshore wind energy, pressure vessels and general construction. The company’s key ability is just-in-time delivery of its large steel plates, helping its customers to optimise their production processes.


Ship-based transport presents few problems for DanSteel. Trucking, on the other hand, is more complex, with significant limitations when it comes to weight, width and length.

One challenge is that the use of open trailers to export steel plates means trucks have few possibilities to lower overall costs by carrying return loads.

Another challenge appeared in 2012, when by customers’ demands, DanSteel invested in a new rolling mill capable of producing plates as wide as 4 metres. This created new transport challenges, since most Northern European road regulations forbid load widths above 3 metres without a long list of special requirements: permit application, route planning, limited travel times, and need for escort vehicles. 



Working together with FREJA, DanSteel set out to resolve the challenges.

The open trailers’ inability to carry return loads is one of the most pressing and costly problems of road transport. It was solved by dual-mode (duo) trailers whose canopies could be pushed to the front to expose the open trailer, or pulled back to cover the entire trailer as required by pallet-based return loads.

The transportation of over-wide steel plates was solved by new, diagonal trailer construction that uses hydraulic-piston bars to raise the four-metre plates to stand at an angle to the trailer deck - exactly the right angle required to stay within the maximum allowable width of 2.7 metres. 


The customized solutions for over-sized steel plates help DanSteel to turn delivery challenges into competitive advantages: as soon as the plates are produced, DanSteel can deliver them in just a few days at most.

Today, around 35 percent of DanSteel’s domestic and international steel deliveries are by road - the vast majority delivered by FREJA. With the new duo and diagonal trailers, DanSteel has become more cost-competitive, and the duo trailers alone resulted in annual savings in excess of DKK 1,5 million for DanSteel.

“We load at least two ships and 50 trucks per day. We have worked with several freight forwarding companies over the years and  FREJA has been the best in terms of price, service and flexibility. Their willingness to invest has also been an important factor.”

 Yuriy Bokachev, CEO, NLMK DanSteel A/S



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