Capacity surcharge

Posted on 15.09.2017

FREJA introduces a capacity surcharge on all road transports on 16th October 2017

In Europe, we experience an increasing financial growth, which naturally leads to an increasing need to move goods around, and this gives more traffic on the roads. At the same time a large amount of road repairs are going on at the European highways. These conditions have given the transport business a highly reduced productivity.

In addition, we have a general lack of drivers in the entire Eurozone. This lack of drivers is partly caused by the increasing demands, partly by the authorities’ tightened regulations especially for respecting the hours of rest during the weekends. We have followed the development over the summer and we now realise - after the holiday season has ended in Europe - that there is a large lack of capacity and that it escalates day by day.

So far, FREJA has taken on the extra costs caused by the lack of capacity, but we predict the pressure to continue. This further increases the requirements on us as transport partner in order to sustain the capacity, which is necessary to deliver the service and quality that we have promised you as customer.

Therefore, we find it necessary to introduce a capacity surcharge of 5.40% starting 16th October 2017.

We recognise that it deviates from our normal price polity to change a price in the middle of an agreement period, but we find it necessary in consideration of the previously mentioned conditions, which we experience at the moment.

If you have any questions to the above, please feel free to contact your normal contact person in FREJA.

We hope for your understanding of this exceptional situation and look forward to continue our cooperation.

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