45 hours' rest for truck drivers

Posted on 07.06.2017

At the moment there is a great pressure on the European transport business because of new legislation which forbids drivers and hauliers to take their mandatory weekly 45 hours' rest in their trucks, which has always been standard practice.

Lately, Germany has forbidden drivers to take their weekly rest of 45 hours in the truck. The ban was introduced without warning effective of May 24th 2017.

In this connection, the German authorities have notified to carry out inspections/issue penalties, well knowingly that there are no alternatives of accommodation for several hundred thousand drivers in Germany nor in the rest of Europe.

It seems very difficult to observe these new regulations and if they will be enforced, the business will suffer severe financial challenges, which may cause serious consequences for the transport of cargo generally in Europa with Germany being the largest and most used country of transit.

As we have not yet seen political suggestions to carry out the new legislation, nor do we know the content of the controls, we have decided to await the situation. Therefore, we do not have further information about the consequences of the legislation.

We will keep you updated on all relevant news.

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